how much does a franchise cost

How much does a franchise cost?

So you think you’ve found the perfect franchise to help you meet your life goals and dreams. You like their model of success. You’re impressed with their level of support. You like the people, you like the product… you like everything! So now all you need to know is, “How much is it?” Right?  Not…

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do veterans make sense for franchising

Do Veterans Make Sense for Franchises?

If you’ve done any research into franchising, you’ll notice lots of attention is paid to military veterans. Several franchise systems offer discounts for veterans. Organizations exist to help military members transition into franchising. There are even media publications specifically targeted at veterans. So why all of the effort? Several reasons. Veterans find success as franchise…

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buy a franchise

Why buy a franchise when I can start my own business?

Understanding why people decide to buy a franchise business instead of launching an independent business is a common question the franchise consultants like me receive from candidates. Frankly, you may be better suited to just start your own business. Almost all of the more than 3,000 franchise brands available today began as an independent startup.…

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work from home

Can you work from home on a franchise?

For decades you’ve dreamed of the day when your morning commute was reduced to the distance between your bedroom and your home office. The day when business attire was a t-shirt and shorts. The day when going to lunch meant a quick run to the fridge. I’m talking about working from home. As a franchise…

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How long does it take to open a franchise business?

How long does it take to open a franchise business?

Once you’ve decided you want to look into becoming a franchise owner, you’ll surely want to know how long it will take before you’re able to open your doors for business. Well, there are more than 3,000 franchise businesses available for consideration, all with different systems built for different candidates. So the answer is: It…

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am i right for franchising

Am I right for franchising?

With more than 3,000 brands and over 700,000 franchise units in the United States, clearly, there are lots of people who are right for franchising. But are you? There’s no easy way to know for sure until you start to go through the franchising process, preferably with a franchise consultant like me who can help…

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