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As a franchise consultant, I’ve counseled thousands of candidates for entrepreneurship, helping them decide if it’s time to take control of their destiny and become a small business owner. Together, we will formulate a plan to determine your goals and interests to see how a franchise business can help you achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted. 

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Making the choice to become a small business owner can be difficult, especially considering how many different options are available today. As a FranChoice franchise consultant, my role is to guide you through the franchise search process, help answer your questions, and understand your needs and business goals. 

I will guide you through the  FranChoice 4 step franchise consultation process.


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Can you work from home on a franchise?

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How long does it take to open a franchise business?

How long does it take to open a franchise business?

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Am I right for franchising?

With more than 3,000 brands and over 700,000 franchise units in the United States, clearly, there are lots of people who are right for franchising. But are you? There’s no easy way to know for sure until you start to go through the franchising process, preferably with a franchise consultant like me who can help…

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What does a franchise consultant do?

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How would you like to emerge when America reopens for business?

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Jim has dedicated more than 23 years to the franchise industry. As a franchise business consultant, Jim guides current and hopeful entrepreneurs towards realizing their dream as a franchise business owner.

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