essential business

Franchise in Focus: A low-cost, quick-to-profit essential business.

As I’ve written before, the most lucrative franchise situations aren’t always the prettiest. There are few things as ugly as commercial waste, but this franchise is plenty attractive to franchise candidates. I’m talking about an environmentally-friendly business with a patent-pending model, recurring revenue, routed service, minimal staff and no facility requirements. The business only requires…

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should immigrants consider franchises

Should Immigrants Consider Franchises?

As a franchise consultant, I get lots of questions about who is right to become a franchise owner. It’s a good question. Franchising has been an incredible way for aspiring entrepreneurs to become small-business owners while mitigating risks as they build their empire. For people who like the idea of working within a proven model…

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mobile franchise

How does a mobile franchise work?

Driving down the highway, you will undoubtedly see lots of cars, trucks and vans that look like billboards. These vehicles are not only great advertising for a franchise business, they ARE the franchise business. Mobile franchise businesses have become incredibly popular over the last few decades as Americans get busier and expect their services delivered…

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what support do franchise systems provide?

What type of support do franchise systems provide?

One of the main reasons aspiring entrepreneurs choose to buy a franchise is for the unparalleled level of support that franchise systems offer. If you’re new to franchise exploration, you’re probably wondering what that means. More importantly, what does that cover? Unparalleled level of support means that franchisors support their franchise owners in a way…

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recession-resistant franchise

What is a recession-resistant franchise?

More than ever, franchise candidates are looking for franchise opportunities that refer to themselves as “recession-resistant.” However, understanding what that means, and why it can’t be your only consideration, is important. A recession-resistant franchise is one that’s model or industry has proven to survive or thrive in times when the economy is in recession. Generally…

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what types of businesses are franchises?

What types of businesses are franchises?

The great Ray Kroc left several indelible marks on the franchising industry. The mastermind behind the franchising empire, McDonald’s, showed America what was possible when he took the small burger joint to unthinkable heights as one of the strongest business models in franchising history. Unfortunately, the legacy of McDonald’s also gave many aspiring entrepreneurs the…

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