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Franchise in Focus: A low-cost, quick-to-profit essential business.

As I’ve written before, the most lucrative franchise situations aren’t always the prettiest. There are few things as ugly as commercial waste, but this franchise is plenty attractive to franchise candidates.

I’m talking about an environmentally-friendly business with a patent-pending model, recurring revenue, routed service, minimal staff and no facility requirements. The business only requires a moderate investment that produces incredibly high margins. Plus, franchise owners have the choice to run it as an owner/operator or the very popular semi-absentee model that allows them to run the business in only 10–15 hours per week.

This is a waste management business that appeals to customers because they can offer a 15-minute service that compacts commercial trash in waste containers and reduces haul volume by 70 percent on average, dramatically reducing emissions to the environment. There is minimal competition, and very little the commercial waste industry can do to counter the value proposition that saves the consumer 20 percent net or more on their waste hauling services.

They’re looking for multi-unit franchise candidates (two or more territories) with a net worth of $500,000 and liquidity of $175,000 They prefer candidates that can buy out an entire market to eliminate revenue sharing situations between franchisees. Strong business acumen preferred, but no waste or construction experience necessary.

They only started franchising in 2019 but have already awarded more than 200 units to 60 franchise owners. For veterans, they offer 10 percent off their first awarded territory. Investments typically range between $310K and $367K, but produce a terrific ROI and a 60-90 day breakeven that is listed in their franchise disclosure document. Sound like a franchise you’d be interested in owning? I’d love to tell you more about the company and see if they’re a good fit for you. Give me a call at 919.846.7111, shoot me an email at or click the button below to schedule an appointment.

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