how much does a franchise cost

How much does a franchise cost?

So you think you’ve found the perfect franchise to help you meet your life goals and dreams. You like their model of success. You’re impressed with their level of support. You like the people, you like the product… you like everything! So now all you need to know is, “How much is it?” Right? 

Not exactly.

First, buying a franchise isn’t like watching an infomercial. You’re not going to be “sold” on a franchise’s value for 30 minutes, then be shown the “unbelievably low price” at the end of a presentation. In fact, it’s the opposite. Prices are made available right up front to make sure no one is wasting their time on the incredibly important process of franchise exploration.

So how much does a franchise cost? Well, that’s like broadly asking “How much does a house cost?” That depends on the house. 

Franchise prices range from several thousand dollars to several million dollars, depending on a number of factors.

Is it a business that requires real estate, like a storefront or a warehouse? Is it a mobile service business requiring a vehicle lease or purchase, or is it a home-based business needing no more than a home office?

Will the business require lots of equipment, or is it run with nothing more than a cell phone and internet connection?

How many employees does the business require to operate? Do you need teams of people or is it a one person operation?

What level of support is offered? Different franchise systems feature a different set of fees based on services provided. A franchise with a broad national and/or local marketing campaign may have a higher ad fee than a brand that allows local owners to make more of their own marketing decisions.

If you’re excited about the possibility of small business ownership, you shouldn’t shy away from exploration because you don’t think you have enough money. As a franchise consultant, one of the first things I help franchise candidates do is assess their financial situation so they know what type of franchise they can afford.

Better yet, you won’t need any of that “franchise money” to pay me. My services are always free to candidates.

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