do veterans make sense for franchising

Do Veterans Make Sense for Franchises?

If you’ve done any research into franchising, you’ll notice lots of attention is paid to military veterans. Several franchise systems offer discounts for veterans. Organizations exist to help military members transition into franchising. There are even media publications specifically targeted at veterans.

So why all of the effort? Several reasons.

Veterans find success as franchise owners. According to the International Franchise Association, 15 percent of franchises in the United States are owned by military veterans. That means more than one out of every seven franchise owners served in the U.S. Military. A number that high is clearly a segment worthy of added attention.

It’s easy to train veterans. Success as a franchise owner is often attributed to how well they learn, understand and execute the franchise’s operational procedures. Veterans are used to going through rigorous training in the military and understand the importance of getting things right quickly.

Veterans work well in a system. Franchise owners thrive when they follow their franchisor’s proven model of success. Veterans are experts at operating within a proven system, having done it in the military.

Veterans are often strong leaders. Whereas franchise systems offer unparalleled levels of support to their franchise owners, the owners still need to be strong leaders to lead their team to successful outcomes. The military has a detailed chain of command, allowing service members to work their way up the leadership rungs to handle greater amounts of responsibility.

Veterans have the drive to succeed. The military requires an exceptional level of commitment and dedication to produce good outcomes. Succeeding in the military often is a matter of life and death, so the willingness to work hard towards that success is paramount. That “no quit” attitude is valuable when launching a franchise business.

These are only a few of the many reasons why veterans make sense for franchise businesses. If you or someone you know is a veteran interested in learning more about franchise opportunities, give me a call at 919.846.7111, shoot me an email at or click the button below to schedule an appointment.

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