What does a franchise consultant do?

If you’ve ever been in the market for a home, you’ve probably engaged a realtor to guide you through the process. For most of us, working with a realtor to find our dream home is a no-brainer. Think about the value they bring!

They help you figure out what you’re looking for in a home.

They help you determine your financial position to see how much house you can afford.

They do the leg work of finding homes for you to consider.

They work with you step-by-step through the selection and buying process.

Best of all, they don’t charge you a dime to do it! If they find you a home that you decide to buy, they receive compensation from the seller. If you don’t find a home together, you shake hands and part ways.

As the home buyer, you get all of the benefit of their experience and expertise at no cost to you.

So why am I talking about realtors? Because franchise consultants, like me, work in a similar way with aspiring entrepreneurs interested in owning a franchise business.

As a franchise consultant:

I can help you figure out what your dream life looks like so we know what kind of franchise model will work best for you.

I can help you figure out what type of franchise you can afford and some of the different ways you can afford it.

I’ll take your dream life into consideration, along with the skills you have to offer a franchise and your financial capabilities. I’ll then search through thousands of available franchise brands to find a selection that best meets your criteria.

I’ll guide you through the franchise exploration process, so you know what’s important to consider, and what types of questions to ask the franchise executives in the system you’re considering. 

If you find a franchise that’s a good fit, then congratulations! If not, you learned a lot about franchising from a franchise consultant with more than two decades of franchising. Either way, there is never a charge to you. So if you’re going to use a realtor to find your dream home, why wouldn’t you use a franchise consultant to help you build your dream life?

Want to see what that dream life might look like? We can start finding out with a 15-minute phone call. Give me a shout at 919.846-7111 or jjudy@franchoice.com. Or schedule an appointment by clicking the button below.

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