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How would you like to emerge when America reopens for business?

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been devastating on many levels and has certainly impacted our daily routines.  Keeping our social distance has been challenging for sure, but hope often provides reassurance that this will pass.

We don’t know when our country will return to some semblance of normalcy, but any of us who lived through the Great Recession knows two things for certain:

  1. The American Economy will be back.
  2. The bold among us will rise the fastest.

Now may not be the time for you to open a new business, but it’s also not the time to do nothing. Now, while many of you are stuck at home, is the time for you to take deliberate action towards realizing your dream of small business ownership. 

This is where I can be of assistance. For more than two decades, I’ve been a resource for people ready for a professional rebirth as a business owner. I love helping aspiring entrepreneurs lock into a growth mindset and belief in their ability to come back better than ever.

This isn’t a quick turnaround, but in times of economic turmoil, history favors those that play the long game. Beginning your journey as a franchise business owner today wouldn’t put you in a position to open your new business for months down the road, if not next year. Does anyone really think we won’t be on the road to recovery by then?

Beginning your journey as a franchise business owner today isn’t a final decision, it’s only a start. Meaning you aren’t committing yourself to anything beyond a learning experience to see if franchising is right for you. You learn what type of opportunities are available that can help you build your life goals and dreams. You learn about how your skills and experience can help you succeed as a small business owner. You learn about your finances and your financing options. All of this without leaving the safety and comfort of your home.  

I understand that for many of you, just getting back to your everyday routine will be enough. But some of you have been looking to make a change for some time now. You’ve just been too busy to start exploring. 

Well, if you’re like most Americans right now, you have a bit more time. Time to reflect on your career and see if you’re ready for something new. Time to discuss your goals with friends and family, also stuck and home and eager to hear from you. Time to review your financial situation, see where you are and think about where you’d like to be.

I’d like to spend 15 minutes of that time on the phone as your resource to learn about your next steps as a franchise entrepreneur. My services are always free to franchise business hopefuls like you.  

Stay safe.

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