Best of 2020: A turn-key, home-based business with rapid ramp-up and quick cash flow!

Sometimes, quicker is better!

The second franchise I’m profiling in the popular “Best of 2020” series is built for the impatient, and I mean that in a good way. This is a franchise that understands not everyone wants to wait months for their business to slowly get off the ground.

Instead, they pride themselves in how quickly they get their franchise owners up and running, their impressive marketing budget that drives leads to their franchises, and the low-cost model that makes franchise ownership accessible to more aspiring entrepreneurs.

Key features of this franchise include:

A robust national ad budget. In 2019, they spent more than $10 million, driving more than 400,000 inquiries to their franchise owners.

Simplicity and exclusivity. Franchise owners enjoy exclusive territories, no inventory, low startup costs, quick cash flow and strong earnings potential.

Moderate investment requirements. The investment for this franchise starts as low as $110K, so they only require a net worth for franchise candidates of $150K and liquid capital of just over $70K

Wide-open territories: Only the state of Wyoming, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, are sold out, so there are opportunities almost everywhere within the United States. They also offer franchise opportunities in Canada and Mexico.

Schedule flexibility: Like many home-based businesses, this franchise allows franchise owners to make their own schedule. Be home in time for dinner at night or keep your weekends free for the kids’ sporting events!

Scalability: With low overhead, no inventory and few employees, ramping up your business from one territory to multiple areas is no problem!

Multi-brand franchise expansion: The franchise is owned by a franchising company with several other complementary franchise brands. That means franchise owners can own multiple units of different yet complementary brands within the same territory. Plus, being a multi-brand franchise means that even if they don’t have the brand you want in the territory you want, there are other brands for you to choose from!

As the owner, you can decide if you want to run the franchise as a sole proprietor or treat it as a semi-absentee opportunity. For the cost-conscious who like to be hands-on, they can be a one-person show, selling and installing the product. Others may decide to hire people to run the day-to-day operation while they handle back-of-the-house operations on a part-time basis. Either way, the three main aspects of the franchisee’s day are: local marketing and networking, sales consultations and installation of the products.

The franchise is looking for self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit who are team-oriented. No previous industry experience is necessary because they will train you!

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