semi-absentee franchise

Best of 2020: Not sexy, but semi-absentee and super successful!

You’re interested in franchising, so let’s kick off the year with a new feature highlighting interesting franchise opportunities!

Here’s an emerging service brand with a patented product that’s growing exponentially. It’s easy, doesn’t require much time or labor to run and has some amazing territories still available.

It’s in the booming construction and waste management sector. Not anything likely to land you on the cover of Time Magazine, but you’re in business to make money, not headlines.

Here are the details.

It’s a semi-absentee franchise, so that means you only have to put in 5–10 hours per week in order to succeed. So, you can keep your day job, or have more free time for whatever you want.

It’s a simple business model. You drop off the containers at construction sites, pick them up and repeat. No need for a large workforce either, just one employee can handle it all!

No initial selling necessary. The franchisor offers a fee-based service to meet with 100 contractors in your area and sell out your initial lot of containers. You just drop them off at their sites and collect the money!

Great returns! So good, the company schedules regular validations every week for their current franchisees to spread the word. 

Outstanding support. The franchisor has one corporate person for every four franchise owners, ensuring franchisees get the support they need when they need it.

Wide-open territories. Only Naples, Florida, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Charlotte, North Carolina are sold out, so most major territories are still available to open one or more units.

Does this sound like what you want from a franchise? If so, here’s what they need from you:

  • Net Worth: $500,000 
  • Liquidity of $150,000 
  • Investor mindset: We want owners that can purchase entire markets to avoid revenue sharing between franchisees.
  • No construction or waste experience is required
  • Self-Starter
  • Customer service background
  • Strong business IQ
  • Good understanding of profit and loss statements

Plus, the franchising process, from the introductory call to Decision Day, runs in six weeks or less, so franchise candidates excited to get going don’t have to wait long to become a franchise owner.

I’d love to help you decide if this is the right franchise for you. Give me a call at 919-846-7111, shoot me an email at,or schedule an appointment by clicking the button below.

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