Five Reasons Franchise Ownership Can Work As A Side Hustle

The side hustle has gained in popularity these days as more people try to augment their main source of income. Lots of people are choosing to walk dogs, use their cars as taxis or sell crafts through the online marketplace for a little extra cash to go with what they earn in their day jobs.

These are certainly great ways to make some extra money, but for those looking to turn a side hustle into a business empire, opening the right franchise business might be the best way to go. Not only because several franchise models can fill the same amount of time that you might spend as a freelance writer or graphic designer, but because it can quickly grow into your main source of income freeing you up to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Here’s how.

Many franchise business models allow you to keep your day job. For myriad reasons, the semi-absentee franchise business has become one of the most popular models in franchising. In a semi-absentee franchise, the business owner is only working 10–15 hours per week on the business while a manager handles the day to day operation. That breaks down to only 2–3 hours per day, Monday – Friday; less if you put some time in on the weekends. For people currently employed in 40-hour-per-week jobs, A semi-absentee franchise business doesn’t require so much of their time that they can’t do both.

The hours are “back office” hours, meaning much of the work that the owners will do can be done during your downtime, not right in the middle of your workday. Work like accounting, human resources and marketing don’t necessarily need to be done during the traditional 9 to 5 hours. You can worry about paying the bills after hours. Retail stores run by managers are often open well into the evening if you need to check in with your team. Marketing decisions are regularly made over the phone or online. Meetings that do need to happen during the workday can often be scheduled early or during a lunch hour.

The proven model of success is already in place. Building a business from scratch may sound appealing to some, but many people are already so invested in their current jobs that they just want a side hustle that earns them extra income. A semi-absentee franchise business may only require 10–15 hours from the owner, but the full support of the franchise system along with the proven model of success is still part of the package. A full team of experts is in place to make sure you have every chance to succeed as a business owner, even if you’re only doing it part-time.

Semi-absentee businesses are scalable. This is where building an empire becomes possible. Opening additional franchise units may only add a couple of extra hours to your workload. So, whereas one unit may require 10-15 hours per week of your time, two to three units might only increase your workload to 20 or 25 hours per week, still well within the acceptable range for a side hustle, except now it’s a side hustle that could be generating six figures of income or more.

As a multi-unit, semi-absentee, owner, there is no need to keep it a side hustle. Now that you’ve launched your franchising empire, you’ve got some options. You can turn the side hustle into your full-time endeavor and leave life as an employee behind. You could continue to add more units or take advantage of your newfound free time to enjoy family, friends or whatever you desire.

Of course, if you absolutely love your day job there’s no reason you can’t keep it. The difference is that while other side hustles may cap your earning potential, franchise business income is limitless. Owners can choose to grow their semi-absentee franchise into as many units as they please, to design the personal and professional lives they want. Whether they decide to grow into a multi-unit franchise empire or keep their franchise business on the side, the choice is theirs to make.

Not bad for a side hustle.

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