If your resolution is to start a new business, don’t wait until the new year

Want to get in better shape in 2019? There should be some great deals on gym memberships in January. Just want to lose some weight? Definitely wait until you’re past the holiday season to get cracking on that one.


These and most other resolutions are just fine being put on hold until we get closer to the new year. However, if you’re thinking that 2019 is the right time for you to start your new life as a franchise owner, the time to get cracking is right now.

Opening a franchise business is an exciting time for new owners and their families, but it can take months of work before opening your doors for business. I’m not just talking about the work that comes with opening any business, like finding the right location, building out your space, hiring your staff and developing your marketing plan. I’m talking about the most important piece of preparation any franchise candidate will do.


This is the piece that not only decides whether or not you’ll succeed as a business owner, but whether or not you’ll actually like being a business owner. It’s the key to loving your new life in charge of your own destiny or feeling like all you did was buy yourself a job.


It’s the time spent determining if a franchise business is right for you, then figuring out which franchise system matches your skills, goals and dreams.


Today, there are more than 3,000 different franchise systems available covering every sector imaginable. Most of them are excellent models offering a proven model of success and unparalleled levels of support. However, they all have their own ideas for who the right franchise owner is for their system. Also, they offer benefits that will appeal to some candidates, but not all of them.


Determining what your franchising future looks like takes time, but it is the most crucial step in the franchising process. Figuring out what you want your life to look like, both personally and professionally, will ensure that you select a franchise system that can deliver on the lifestyle design of your dreams. Understanding your own skill set and what you can offer a franchise system will help the franchisor decide whether or not they want to award you a franchise. Make no mistake, franchises aren’t just bought, they are awarded by franchisors who want to be certain they are putting their franchise units in good hands.


While it does take time to complete this most important step, you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. Nor do you have to spend piles of your hard-earned money to hire experts to figure it out for you.


You can just give me a call.


As a franchise consultant with more than two decades of experience in the franchise industry, I’ve helped thousands of candidates like yourself choose the franchise system that helped them achieve their life goals and dreams. We’ll spend several hours together working on a strategy, reviewing opportunities and figuring out which franchise is right for you. And it won’t cost you a dime. Ever.


Franchise consultants work like real estate agents. We’re here to help the buyer figure out what they want. If they decide to invest in a franchise, the franchisor pays us just as a home seller would. If you decide against franchising, I hope we part ways as friends, but there is never a cost to you.


Truly, the only cost you’re incurring right now is lost time! The new year is almost here, so let’s get to work making your 2019 the most important year of your new life as a small-business owner.


I look forward to getting your call.

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