Franchise in Focus: Diesel Barber Shop

If you read my articles regularly, you know that I don’t often share the names of franchise systems that I represent. In general, I think franchise candidates should learn a bit about themselves and determine what they are looking for from a franchise system, then see which of those franchises matches up well with their skills and goals.

That is, unless it’s semi-absentee.

Why? Because there is such a high level of interest in semi-absentee franchising these days.. Franchise candidates are leaving their jobs for entrepreneurship in order to have a better work-life balance. What better way to accomplish that than with a franchise that only requires 15–20 hours of your time per week to be successful?

On that note, meet Diesel Barbershop, a modern-day version of the vintage corner barbershop that goes old school to bring back things guys love. It’s part barbershop, part record store, and part video arcade, delivering high-quality haircuts, shaves, beard trims and shoulder massages.

All done while having a beverage.

Diesel Barbershop appeals to males ages 16 to 75 looking for a place where they can relax, listen to some music, play some vintage video games and maybe drink a beer all while getting their haircut and a shave. They are also looking for a more masculine atmosphere where they’re free to talk sports or whatever their interests are with their barber or other customers.

Diesel’s franchise candidates are people that like to take charge of their business and their lives. You’re the CEO, managing the managers, handling the budget, pro forma, and company oversight. You crave a business in a stable, recession-resistant and technology-proof industry. Most importantly, you’re hoping to build a franchising empire, meaning you dream of owning multiple units someday or becoming an area developer.

Other than the 20 hours per week you put into running your franchise, the rest of your time is yours to spend with family and friends, vacation, seek adventure or do whatever you want with your personal time. It’s up to you!

Check out some of the key metrics below. If you want to know more, give me a call.

Diesel Barbershop:

    • Semi-absentee business model (part-time and have a job).
    • $350,000 total investment (that includes working capital for 6 to 12 months! This is the real cost of the business.)
    • Strong, quick-producing potential income
    • Recession-resistant and technology-proof.
    • Few employees — 6 to 8 to start and then to 10 when mature.
    • Haircare experience not wanted — management skills are helpful.
    • Rare franchise that is part-time for the owner but ramps up quickly like a full-time franchise!
    • Single, multi-shop and Area Representative (Master) available.
    • The average ticket is more than double of a value-oriented haircut chain ($35.20).
    • Fast ramp-up to income is much quicker with Diesel than the competition and Diesel can make its owners well over $100K per shop.
  • Each shop will have a 5-mile diameter/2.5-mile radius as the Area of Protection. Each shop will be in a retail space of approximately 1,200-1,500 square feet. Corporate Diesel finds sites and negotiates leases for franchisees.

Key Business Features

    • Point of Sale System – The Diesel Point of Sale System is a multi-functioning tool which allows franchisees to effectively run their business. It includes client-focused technology which allows clients to book appointments without talking to a receptionist; tools to manage your employees, train new employees, manage the schedule, customize different user roles and manage sales. Franchisees are able to access the POS system from anywhere with an internet connection.
    • Marketing – Diesel Barbershop’s marketing penetration strategy is a controlled marketing approach focusing on individual shops and growing into an evolutionary marketing system that is developed over years as each DMA (Designated Market Area) grows with numbers of shops.
    • Merchandise selling techniques – Our employees are taught how to effectively promote and sell products and merchandise to clients. This provides an additional revenue stream for our franchisees.
  • Wide range of services – Coloring gray, shaves, beard trims and shoulder massages are a big part of the Diesel revenue generation system. Diesel is a full-service shop!

Franchisor Training and Support

    • New franchisee classroom training in Raleigh, N.C. headquarters.
    • On-site training – Diesel Opening Team comes to zee’s location.
    • Ongoing support from Diesel corporate.
    • Corporate support team shop visits and reviews.
    • Online training solutions.
  • Annual convention training programs.

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