Why spring is a great time to revisit franchise opportunities

Spring has arrived in many parts of the country and is coming quickly to others. It’s the annual period of renewal, making it an exceptional time to jettison the old and usher in the new. For people considering saying goodbye to life as an employee and hello to a new chapter as a small-business owner, now is a great time to consider a franchise business.

Not that there is a bad time to look to reinvent yourself as an entrepreneur, but spring is a particularly strong time for several reasons.


Spring makes us feel more positive. Ever noticed how you feel better when spring comes along? Longer days, time spent outside and watching nature come to life can’t help but put us in a better mindset.


When you are considering a major life change, it’s best to do it when you’re in a good frame of mind, feeling alert and teeming with energy. What better way to take the leap into entrepreneurship?


We’re done with the “resolution rollercoaster.” Often, we look at major life changes when the calendar turns to January with a New Year’s resolution, or several. What happens around Valentine’s Day? We forget all about them. Sure, some people will follow through on these resolutions, but the rest of us are happy to have a second chance to make a change in our lives without the universe expecting us to fail. This is especially true for people who started looking at franchise ownership in January but got sidetracked by other resolutions or distractions. If you’ve already laid the groundwork, let’s take the next step.


The annual Franchise Business Economic Outlook Report is out. Every year, the International Franchise Association puts out an Economic Outlook Report for the franchising industry to give executives and candidates an idea of what the year in franchising will look like. The good news is that 2018 looks incredibly positive again. However, you have to wait until late January/early February for the report to be released. By spring, experts have had a chance to fully digest the report and offer insight, giving candidates a clear idea of where the opportunities lie in the franchise world.


Summer break is almost here. One of the most rewarding aspects of franchise business ownership is the opportunity to run your franchise as a family business. For families with children still in high school or college, launching a family business in the summer months means that everyone is available to get involved from the get-go. Children heading back to school in the fall will have a taste of entrepreneurship that could inspire better performance in school. Children graduating soon or immediately can easily transition into the business. However, launching a franchise business takes some time, so starting now makes sense for a summer opening.


You’re not just spring cleaning your home. As I’ve written before, now is a great time of year for you to spring clean your career. You can take some time to look back over the last year, consider what type of skills you’ve acquired, tidy up your finances and refresh your professional network. All of these activities help people determine their career direction for the next year or a second chapter. Some will decide to move forward as an employee, others may determine that a startup is the right direction for them.


However, if you think you might want to “spring forward” into a new life as a franchise business owner, give me a call.

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