Do you know where will you be in 10 years? Here’s a hint…

Take a good look at your life right now. Odds are, it’s going to look very different in a decade. Change will come for everyone, but preparing for change is what separates those who create the life they want and those who exist in whatever life creates for them.

Which person will you be?

While it may seem overwhelming, taking some time to consider where you want to be in 10 years can be an exhilarating and motivational experience. It illustrates the difference between where you are today and where you want to be, makes you consider what steps you can take to get there and may even shorten the amount of time you need to achieve what you want.


That’s because acting intentionally helps people focus and attack their goals directly. Let’s say you had a goal of saving $1,000. If you crafted a plan to save $200 per month for five months vs. “saving whatever you could whenever you could,” which way do you think gets you there faster? Life is much more likely to get in the way of plan B, which in all honesty, isn’t a plan at all.


Not only that, but preparing for your life in 10 years actually provides you with more freedom to become whatever you want, rather than lock you into a life choice that you may not want down the road. That’s because many of the steps required to achieve one goal are easily transferred to another.


For instance, suppose you decide you want to start your own business in 10 years and need to save $50,000 in order to do it. If a decade later you decide you’d rather buy into a successful franchise system instead, are you going to regret having saved the money? Of course not! Presumably, you’d be much less happy having saved nothing at all. That would ensure you’d lack the freedom to pursue either goal.


If you’re like many adults, you’ve dreamed of becoming a business owner at some point or another. Here’s how I help turn that dream into a goal.


If you’re a professional who sees yourself as a business owner within the next 10 years, now is the time to start thinking about your finances, your desired lifestyle and your skill set. Contrary to popular belief, interest in a product should not be your driving force to start a business. Instead, you’ll want to pay attention to what type of lifestyle appeals to you and learn how a business can help you achieve it. Take stock of your current skill set and think about what other skills you can add. Of course, none of this will matter if your finances aren’t in good form, so take a good look at where you are, how much money you’ll need and how you can get there.


If you’re ready to become, or already are a business owner, but imagined yourself with a larger empire in the next decade, then this is a great time to start figuring out what type of business is easily scalable or what can be a complementary business to your existing enterprise. Multi-unit franchise systems are designed to allow people to own several locations with the locations being operated by a management team. If you already own a business, we can explore businesses that go well with your existing business to help you build your empire vertically.


If you think you’re one of the two aforementioned people but just don’t know which one, you should still give me a call. As a franchise consultant, I help people figure it out, at no charge to the franchise candidate. We’ll discuss what you’re looking to accomplish and explore a few of the possibilities.


Ready to start planning? Give me a call.

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