“I was your typical traveling salesman. Now I own a multi-million dollar business.”

Kevin Brauer of St. Louis, Missouri, for over two decades spent 110 nights per year on the road as a sales manager for various corporations. In 2013, he decided he’d had enough. His sons were growing up without having their father around. He was ready to be home more often, take greater control of his life and explore the possibility of small business ownership.


Together with his wife Denise, they embarked on a journey to find a small business that fit their needs. They knew they didn’t have the risk tolerance to start a business from scratch, so decided to look at franchising.


“We were looking for an opportunity that had the pieces already assembled and built. In a fragmented market, being part of a larger organization made a lot of sense to us,” Kevin said.


Like many franchise candidates, Kevin began doing research online but eventually found Jim Judy, a franchise consultant with two decades of experience working in the franchise industry.


“There are are a lot of franchise brands to choose from, and I wanted some expert advice to help me narrow the field and select the brand that would fit my life goals and dreams,” Kevin said.


Those life goals and dreams included having more control of his family’s future, the ability to pay for his children’s education and the chance to be home with his wife more often. For around three months, Kevin and Jim vetted franchise opportunities together until they decided on Storm Guard Roofing and Contracting, a national franchise specializing in exterior restoration for homes and businesses.


They invested just under $200,000 to get started. Three years later, their franchise is generating more than $3 million in revenue.


“We turned a profit in our first year, but it really wasn’t until we were two years in that I’d say the company achieved stability. Now in our fourth year, I’ll have completely replaced what I was making in Corporate America and then some,” Kevin said.


Along with the financial reward, Kevin and Denise are able to do some other things they dreamed of achieving. Their son, Mitch now works for the company. Kevin gets to have dinner with his family every night and they are helping their community.


“As we continue to grow we are creating permanent jobs for our community,” Kevin explained. “More full-time employees help us develop a positive work culture that we can build on and grow.”


Kevin admits that he may have been able to retire comfortably had he stayed in corporate America, but it wouldn’t have provided him the lifestyle and growth opportunity he enjoys as an entrepreneur.


“I probably would have retired a wealthy man, but there is no guarantee there. corporate America can be tricky. Good people get let go. Now that I’ve made the jump from employee to entrepreneur, I keep thinking of new business opportunities to explore. There may be some new revenue streams we can generate inside our current business or some horizontal integrations from other franchise brands. The opportunities are endless,” he said.


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