Yes, there is an investment when working with a franchise consultant (but it’s not what you think!)

Visit enough franchise consultant websites and you’ll see plenty of language explaining that our services are free. No risk, no obligation…just pick up the phone!


That’s true, but that doesn’t mean that candidates don’t make an investment when working with a franchise consultant. It just means that investment isn’t a financial one.

Franchise consultants are available to candidates free of charge. That’s because franchise consultants make their income when a franchisor awards a candidate a franchise. Like a real estate agent, my income is generated when the dream becomes a reality. Franchisors contract with franchise consultants to find candidates interested in franchising who would be a good fit for their brand. When we find that right fit and the agreements are signed, the consultant gets paid, just as a real estate agent gets paid when a house is sold.


However, there is an investment on the part of the franchise candidate and the franchise consultant when they agree to work together to find a franchise fit.


For the candidate, it’s an investment into the process. We’re going to spend a lot of time early in the process to so that I can learn why you want to explore franchising. I want to learn your goals-  personal, professional, financial, and family. I’ll want to know about your skills, your background, and how all of that could fit into your life as an entrepreneur. We’ll review your financial standing and what resources are available to you should you need financial support.


I’ll take that information and present you with a few franchise opportunities. You’ll invest the effort into exploring them. Some you may rule out immediately, others will be worth further examination. You’ll speak with franchisors and some of their franchisees. You may visit their headquarters or some franchise units. You’ll engage decision makers and work with each other to see if a partnership makes sense. Remember, franchises aren’t just purchased by candidates, they are awarded by franchise systems. Both parties must agree that they see each other as a good fit.


Does that mean you need to be prepared to buy a franchise the first time you pick up the phone? Certainly not. You likely won’t have any idea if franchising is even right for you, much less an idea of which franchise model you’d like to own. The investment you’re making is one of time, honesty, self-exploration and discovery. It’s a decision to give the process a fair chance, to answer questions about yourself and learn about the opportunities to build your dream life through franchising. It’s a commitment to yourself to work the process, whether you choose to become a franchise owner or not.


Think you may be right to try franchising? If you’re interested in working with a franchise consultant to find out, give me a call.

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