Listen to yourself! Five thoughts you’re having that indicate you’re ready to be your own boss.

How do you know you’re ready to be your own boss?


The message isn’t going to come from your friends. It’s not going to come from a spouse, a parent or a sibling. It’s not going to come from a co-worker, a motivational speaker, or a business consultant.


The only person that will know is you. You just need to listen to your own thoughts.

Thoughts like these.


“I don’t want to go to work anymore.”

Unless you plan to make a drastic change at your place of employment, this thought isn’t just a case of the Mondays. It’s a sign that you are about to mentally check out. Once that happens, you are no longer as valuable as you can be to your family, your business or yourself. You’re just going through the motions, collecting a paycheck. Your best case scenario is that you “survive” a few more years, but that’s a waste of your most valuable asset: time.


Sure, you may be able to remedy this problem by seeking another job, but you shouldn’t do that without at least exploring the possibility that you’d be happier running your own small business. There are plenty of free resources available to explore small-business ownership, including calling me about the possibility of a franchise business.


“They don’t pay me enough to do this.”

Guess what? You’re probably right. Many of the franchise candidates I work with come to this realization right before they pick up the phone. Whether they are trapped in corporate management or sales positions, they are confined to a salary with defined bonuses and raises. Small-business owners are confined by nothing. There is no salary cap. They are free to earn as much as they please.


“I’m not growing here anymore.”

You may like the people you work with and feel content with your pay, but realize one day that you’re no longer improving. It could be that you’ve run out of advancement opportunities. It could be that you got comfortable in your job and stopped pushing. A lifetime accumulating skills through employment is an excellent foundation for franchise ownership. Whether you realize it or not, you already know what to do, you just need the system that fits your abilities. Better yet, the growth is unlimited.


“What have I done with my life?”

Plenty, I’m sure, but this question indicates a yearning to do something more meaningful with your time. Many of us start to ponder this question as we get older and time becomes more precious, which explains why so many franchise candidates I work with are people in their late 40s and older who are ready to put a stamp on their professional careers with a small business. It’s a chance to show everyone what they can do, create a family legacy to last after they are gone and build the lifestyle they always wanted.


“I’m ready to do my own thing”

This thought is often a culmination of the other thoughts. That moment when it becomes clear that whatever is ailing you in your current job isn’t going to be solved with another one. You’re no longer interested in being a cog in the machine. You’re going to take your shot at the American Dream as a small-business owner. Good for you! I only have one question.


Would you like to know how I can help you get there?


The answer is free, so give me a call.


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