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Jim Judy

Franchise Business Consultant

You’re Not Going to Call Me. Here’s Why

You know who you are.

You’ve been in your current job for long enough and no longer see a future you want. You spend your evenings thinking about how you need a change. You’ve become way too comfortable hitting the snooze button over and over in the mornings rather than getting up to face another day of work. You’ve dreamed of being your own boss, of breaking free from the chains of traditional employment and having a go as a small business owner, but…

You’ve done nothing about it.

Clearly, you’re ready for a change — and few steps to financial freedom through entrepreneurship are easier than calling a franchise consultant like myself. It’s free, because I’m paid by franchisors to find good candidates. It’s low pressure, because I’m more interested in figuring out if you’re right for franchising than I am in risking my relationship with franchisors that trust my judgment. It’s informative, because I’ve been working in franchising for more than 20 years and have worked with several thousand candidates. Finally, it’s a chance at a life much more desirable than the one you’re dreading right now.

So why aren’t you calling? Here’s why.

You’re stuck in comfortable misery. Defined by career professionals as “a career syndrome characterized by inertial thinking and an overwhelming need to maintain the status quo,” people experiencing comfortable misery are unhappy with their current situation but aren’t taking steps to fix it. The only way to escape comfortable misery is with dramatic action! It may feel weird in the short term, but taking definitive steps to change your life is the only way to move towards long-term success.

Your spouse is holding you back. Are you ready to make a change but your spouse is keeping you from starting? I have good news and more good news. The good news is this is pretty common. More times than not, one spouse is more excited for a change than another. The other good news is that I can help there. In fact, I recently wrote a story on Entrepreneur.com explaining why it’s so important to include your spouse in this decision. I work with candidates to make sure everyone is on the same page as we move forward in the franchising process so you don’t have to.

You don’t understand franchising. If your only touchstone to the word “franchising” is a guy flipping burgers, you’re going to have your mind blown when we talk. The franchise industry is booming, with more than 3,000 brands operating in practically every industry in America. Not only that, but they feature proven success models and unmatched training and support making it easier than ever for people to leave the malaise of traditional employment behind for the thrill of entrepreneurship.

You underestimate your financial situation. Sure, if you want to open a McDonald’s, you’re going to need more than a million dollars to get in the door. However, franchises come in all shapes and sizes with many available to open for under $100,000. Plus, the environment for small business loans is getting better and better. Small Business Administration loans are becoming easier to secure, experts are available to help franchise candidates invest in a business using their 401K accounts and many franchise systems now offer financing assistance. Seriously, you’re likely in better shape to open a business than you realize.

You’re underestimating yourself. Take a look at this page of testimonials from people I’ve helped make the leap from employee to entrepreneur. They are people just like you who knew they could design a better life for themselves and just needed some guidance along the way. In fact, I’ll bet the only difference between them and you is that they picked up the phone and gave me a call.

Will you?

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