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Spring Cleaning Your Career

Spring is upon us! The clocks have been moved ahead, baseball players are shaking off their winter rust and nature is in full bloom. Spring is a period of renewal, expressed by Americans’ favorite annual ritual: Spring Cleaning.

This year, rather than keep your spring cleaning efforts focused on clearing out the garage or washing all the windows, how about Spring Cleaning your career?


Sound difficult? It’s not.


Most people only take the time to reflect on their careers and consider changes around the New Year. Too often, their best intentions to make changes get lost and forgotten with other resolutions. Professionally speaking, the New Year can also be extremely busy with everyone trying to catch up after the holidays. It’s easy for goals — like a new job, or even better, opening a new business, to get pushed aside.


If you think your career could use a bit of Spring Cleaning, here are a few tips to get started.


Reflect on the past year. Are you still growing professionally? Has your personal life changed in a way that has made your current career less appealing? Do you have a future with your current company and is it one that you want? Answers to these questions can be critical to accomplishing change. As a franchise consultant, I frequently hear from candidates who feel stuck in their careers, burned out on what they are doing, or ready to make their professional life fit their personal life better, not the other way around.


Make a list of new skills acquired. What have you accomplished professionally? What new skills have you added? Franchisors aren’t interested nearly as much in your experience in a given industry as they are with your skills. Have you become a better salesperson? Did you complete some leadership training that makes you a stronger manager? Have you had the opportunity to work independently and succeed without much supervision? These are all skills that a franchisor would appreciate.


Tidy up your finances. Online budget tools are available everywhere these days, so take some time to get your personal finances in order. Nothing gives people more confidence to make a professional change than understanding their financial situation. What is your current net worth? How much of that worth is liquid? Where can you cut expenses? Where can you generate greater income?


Engage your invested partners. One of the quickest ways for a dream to die is to keep it to yourself. Who are the people in your life that are rooting for you? How can they help you achieve your dreams? Is it a parent or a sibling? How about a best friend or mentor? When I consult with married people about franchising, I want their spouse engaged in the conversations as well. These people are your support team. They want you to win, so let them in!


Refresh your network. Online search is great, but checking in with people who are living the life you dream of is generally more effective at sparking change. Make some lunch dates with colleagues you haven’t seen in awhile. Attend some chamber of commerce events to meet local business owners. Speak with a franchise business consultant like myself to see if franchising may be a fit. My consultations will give you a clearer picture of what opportunities are available, and it’s free!


When you’re ready to discuss, give me a call.


Ready to try franchising? I’ve helped thousands of franchise candidates make that decision, free of charge. Give me a call at 919.846.7111 or send me a note at jjudy@franchoice.com.

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