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upside of being downsized

The Upside of Being Downsized

If you’ve ever been downsized, you know how stressful it can be. It’s initially a shock. Then there is a grieving process for the professional life lost and finally an acceptance of what happened and a decision to move on.

People will offer consoling words such as, “I’m sorry to hear that.” or “If there’s anything I can do, please let me know.” I only have one word for those just downsized out of Corporate America.


I don’t mean that sarcastically, nor do I say it to marginalize the challenges of losing your job. However, there is something wonderful about being forced to confront the reality of that employment lost.

You’re free to pursue what makes you happy, and no reasons not to try.

Be honest, you didn’t love that job, did you? The truth is that it was an income. It was tolerable. You may have liked the people you worked with and enjoyed some of the benefits of your position, but you weren’t passionate about it. The fact is, when you are passionate about what you’re doing, you engage with it to the point that you’re too valuable to be downsized.

There is no question that it happens to people, but more times than not the job they just lost wasn’t really for them in the first place. So what is? There is no better time to figure that out than right now.

“But I need to start making money right now!” Statistically speaking, most unemployed Americans are NOT spending every waking hour looking for another job. Check out this amazing story The New York Times ran in 2015 showing how unemployed people spend their days. Lots of time spent watching TV and movies. Lots of time spent sleeping, doing housework and cleaning. Very little time searching for employment.

In less than the time it takes for you to watch a movie, you could have had an initial consultation with a franchise consultant like me to see if your future as an entrepreneur is just around the corner. And guess what? The cost of the phone call is less than your cable subscription, less than the cost of video on demand and less than the cost of a rental at Redbox. Franchise consultations are free!

“Well, I don’t have enough money to have my own business?” How do you know? Odds are, if you’ve spent more than a decade working in corporate America, you’ve got some money saved. I discussed this in a recent story on LinkedIn on some of the different ways people finance franchises and am happy to put you in touch with business financing experts ready to help. You’ll be surprised to learn how many ways there are to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

“Ok, but franchising? I’m pretty sure my passion isn’t flipping burgers!” Well, maybe not, but franchisees take a different perspective on what it means to find your passion. It’s less about the product or service the business provides and more about the lifestyle that the business allows. Franchise owners may only work 10–15 hours per week. They may run the business with family. They set their own hours so they can work around the things they love in their personal life. Their passion for their franchise is driven by the excitement of seeing their life goals realized thanks to their small business.

If you’ve just been downsized, you didn’t lose. You won…perhaps big! You’ve got the time. You’ve got the money. Now all you need to do is get to your phone and give me a call.

Would you like to know more? Give me a call at 919.846.7111 or email me at jjudy@franchoice.com.


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